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between dreaming and waking

Ask me anything   "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
- Vincent Van Gogh

(28 year old, female, German Socialworker/reblogging forever, actually good at nothing with a lot of fandoms and a feminist since birth. You'll find stuff about games, televisions shows, fictional characters, movies, lots of Rosario Dawson (and I mean a lot, because she is a flawless human being), Eva Green, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, LOTR, Marvel, DC, Idris Elba, Ruth Wilson, Vincent Cassel, Game of Thrones and such ...)

    mass effect 2 missions: as movie posters

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    The idea of Commander Shepard parenting Grunt in any capacity is pure magic to me. Fem or male Shepard, it doesn’t matter. Just give me some dumb family shenanigans on a crowded spaceship full of outcasts and huge dweebs.

    >Grunt’s pictures put on the galley’s fridge

    >Grunt and Shepard playing with action figures in the cargo hold

    >Grunt and Shepard wrestling/rough housing and probably causing mass damage

    >Shepard boastingly proudly about their tank child. 

    >Grunt being left in charge of pets and learning ‘wow that was a terrible idea’.

    >Grunt and Shepard high fiving after a really great battle while the third squaddie stares on in disbelief/amusement. 

    >Sneak attacks used as an excuse for hugs (terrible rib crushing hugs, grunt no stap that). 

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    Luciano Costa cosplays as Kaidan Alenko at Pax East 2014. (video)

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    welcome to your life, there’s no turning back

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